Yorkshire Building Society offers loyal members a top rate of 3.5%

Yorkshire boosts loyalty factor: Building Society offers existing savers a top rate of 3.5%

Yorkshire BS’s Loyalty Regular Saver offers a top rate of 3.5%

Around 1.6 million loyal members of Yorkshire BS can now earn a top rate of 3.5 per cent on savings of between £10 and £500 a month.

The society’s Loyalty Regular Saver, launched yesterday, runs for 12 months but allows you limited access to your money.

You can make withdrawals during the term on one day only – but on the day you choose you can make as many as you want. Saving £100 a month means £1,222.75 after a year including £22.75 interest.

The account is open to members who joined the society on or before January 1 last year.