‘I was thrashed by a ruthless emperor – at ping pong’: Susanna Johnston collates her diary entries

MEMOIR RESCUING MY FATHER by Susanna Johnston (Zuleika £10, 128pp)  Doting elder sister of the late Spectator editor Alexander Chancellor, slightly less adoring daughter of the late-lamented (and late-demented, poor man) former Reuters chairman Sir Christopher Chancellor, the writer Susanna Johnston has collated this charming, witty selection of vignettes and diaries from her well-connected life. … Read more

The stunning images shortlisted in Agora’s worldwide black-and-white photography competition 

From a sleeping lemur to a fog-shrouded bridge: The stunning images shortlisted in a worldwide black-and-white photography competition More than 10,219 images were submitted to the photography contest, run by photo app Agora The pictures include an atmospheric shot of a monk in Myanmar and a stunning shot of a rare Asian elephantHere we also present … Read more

Queensland marsupial LION Lekaneleo discovered in outback Australia 

Experts discover the remains of an extinct species of LION in outback Australia with razor sharp teeth capable of ‘slicing through bones’ Paleontologists discovered an extinct species of marsupial lion in the OutbackLekaneleo roamed the highlands of Queensland, Australia, 23 million years agoNow extinct, Lekaneleo was the size of a cat and had bone-cutting teeth … Read more