People from rich countries ‘French kiss’ their partners less than people from poorer countries 

People from countries with higher levels of income inequality ‘French kiss’ their partners more often, new study finds A survey of 2,988 people in 13 countries found the bigger the gap between rich and poor the more likely the country’s citizens were to regularly kiss  The differences didn’t apply to sex or cuddling, suggesting kissing … Read more

Dancing On Ice semi-finals kick off in style

Viewers saw the most touching edition of Dancing On Ice‘s to date on Sunday evening, as the four remaining contestants battled for positions in next week’s grand finale.   During the semi-final, Perri Kiely broke down in tears as he gained the first 40 of the series after dedicating his second routine of the night to his … Read more

Second ‘unknown origin’ case of coronavirus is confirmed in California 90 miles from first case

The second ‘unknown origin’ case of coronavirus to hit the US has been confirmed in California. A 65-year-old woman from Santa Clara County has tested positive for the disease, health officials confirmed Friday. The unnamed woman had not recently returned from a foreign country, and had not been in contact with another confirmed case. This … Read more

Scientists claim antibiotics already on the market can treat coronavirus

Scientists believe antibiotics already available on the market may be the key to treating coronavirus. The outbreak has spread like wildfire with more than 82,000 infected in about 50 countries and more than 2,800 people dead. A team of researchers at Norwegian University of Science and Technology had anti-virals as well as four antibiotics that treat … Read more

California is monitoring at least 8,400 for signs of coronavirus

California health officials are monitoring 8,400 people for coronavirus symptoms after their arrival on domestic commercial flights, Governor Gavin Newsom said on Thursday. The state currently has only about 200 test kits, an ‘inadequate’ number, but has been in ‘constant contact with federal agencies’ that have promised to send a fresh supply of kits in … Read more

The facemask that could spot the killer coronavirus

Someone who is infected with the coronavirus can spread it with just a simple cough or a sneeze, scientists say. Nearly 3,000 people with the virus are now confirmed to have died and more than 83,000 have been infected. Here’s what we know so far: What is the coronavirus?  A coronavirus is a type of … Read more

Death toll from opioids may be 28% higher due to death certificates omitting the exact drug

The opioid crisis may be worse than previously thought. A new study has found that the death toll could be 28 percent higher than reported due to death certificates omitting the specific drug involved in an overdose. After analyzing overdoses from 1999 through 2016, a researcher discovered there were 99,160 additional deaths attributed to opioids … Read more