Author reveals common questions asked in job interviews

HOW DO YOU FIGHT A HORSE-SIZED DUCK?    by William Poundstone (Oneworld £16.99, 320pp) Jack is looking at Ann. Ann is looking at George. Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person? If, like me and virtually everyone else who hears this question, you replied ‘It depends on … Read more

Remembering the wood old days! Author says we need ‘small-scale circular economies’

NATURE  THE WOOD AGE  by Roland Ennos (William Collins £20, 336 pp) If your surname is Cooper, Carpenter, Wheelwright, Wainwright, Shipwright, Bowyer, Fletcher, Turner, Bowler, Sawyer or Forester, then one of your ancestors worked with hand tools and wood. One thing this wonderful book reminds you of is the resourcefulness of our forebears, who grew … Read more