The best and worst river cruises of 2019 revealed

The best and worst river cruise lines of 2019 have been revealed in a new report, with Avalon Waterways and Scenic Tours coming top and Shearings Holidays anchored at the bottom. The research, by consumer group Which?, looked at 17 river cruise companies and asked over 1,700 passengers to rate their experiences out of five … Read more

Astronauts are growing the beginnings of new organs on the ISS

NASA astronauts have started growing human cells aboard the International Space Station to help understand the production of human tissue in low gravity. 250 test tubes containing adult human stem cells were sent aboard the SpaceX CRS-20 resupply mission that arrived at the ISS this week. Scientists say that due to the weightlessness on board … Read more

Boris Johnson steps up coronavirus response after Cobra crisis meeting

How the UK’s coronavirus ‘battle plan’ could unfold CONTAIN  Testing individuals reporting symptoms or returning from infected areas, isolating those who have coronavirus. Tracing how they contracted the virus, and everyone they might have come into contact with while infectious. Powers have been taken to force people into quarantine if they refuse to comply voluntarily.  … Read more

London Heathrow had its busiest year ever in 2019 with 80.9million passengers using the airport

Revealed: Heathrow had its busiest year ever in 2019 with a record 80.9million passengers using the airport Heathrow says passenger growth was down to availability of larger planes The airport also had its busiest ever December welcoming 6.7million passengers  UK services saw the biggest surge last month followed by flights to Middle East   By Jennifer … Read more